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Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

MY SEO e-GUIDE ebook

 e-GUIDE ebook free download
The most popular search engine is Google which accounts for the greatest number of search requests. This is not to say that other search engines are not important or that they use the same algorithm but that Google’s success has ensured that many search engines are moving in the same direction and since Google has filed their search patent we do not have to rely on the typical conjecture in this field. Importantly, Google ensures that there is a level of feedback from users through the Google toolbar that enables Google to refine their search results over time. Also, a significant part of Google’s algorithm is to protect its search engine against search SPAM which is the use of techniques to improve a site’s rankings normally through the artificial creation of links, so we have outlined the main areas to watch out for. MY SEO E-GUIDE EBOOK FREE DOWNLOAD.


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