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Selasa, 13 September 2011

catalina robayo

there is no me-made Catalina robayo at the Miss Universe 2011. Catalina Robayo, desperate dressed without wearing underwear. but There are also contestants from Australia, Scherri Lee Biggs, who purposely wore see-through dress.

Regardless of public blasphemy, appearance Robayo and Biggs also received strong criticism from the committee. Although considered to embarrass Foundation Miss Universe, yet they even make that captivated the jury made it through to line 16 of the universal queen's contest.

Robayo and Biggs entered the ranks of 16 with contestants from France, Kosovo, Colombia, China, Angola, Australia, Puertorico, Brazil, the Netherlands, the United States, Ukraine, Panama, Costa Rica, Portugal, the Philippines, and Venezuela.

All selected at the sole discretion of the jury, unless the contestant Portugal's entry into the ranks of 16 because it has the most votes by the voting public.

Because of him, Robayo reprimanded by the committee during the period of quarantine. Miss Universe Foundation president, Paula Shugart, even showed his disappointment by saying, "There are plenty of women draped mini dress at the center of attention, but when I saw the photo (action Robayo) on the front page of the newspaper, I was surprised."

While Biggs reprimanded by the committee for the selection of clothing that is considered rude. In addition to satin evening gown that invisibility, he was also reprimanded for wearing a bikini forced a person who is considered too sexy.

Not only about clothing choices, Biggs into the spotlight while making the statement that Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins, has done a lot of plastic surgery to create a beautiful appearance. He also claimed to have tried Hawkins advised to no longer perform aesthetic surgery.

Robayo bad record for a period of quarantine and Biggs did not seem to influence the jury judgments in general. Both are still considered better than 73 other contestants are eliminated at the earliest. However, both terjegal step when entering the top five contestants who filled from China, Ukraine, Philippines, Brazil, and Angola. (Umi)

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catalina robayo
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