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Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Google Snatch The Free Click Formula ebook

Google Snatch The Free Click Formula ebook

 snatch the free click formula
Forget everything you know about search engines and just read this book. I’m not going to dilute any method or create a fascinating theory behind it, however I will reveal all the misconceptions you know, heard, read or have about them. The question we need to ask ourselves is… are we internet marketers wanting to make some real money or are we simply labeled as Search Engine Octopuses (SEO)? The ones that sit in front of their PC all day trying to make a dollar or two, going insane in the process trying every possible method that is being buzzed about? Let’s look at what’s being brought to our attentions daily… the most common misconception about SEO is backward linking. It goes back some time when it originally came about, everyone including their grandma were searching for back links. Now … what does Google like about back links besides the obvious fact that it could help you rank higher in search engines? But remember the keyword here… ‘could’! GOOGLE SNATCH THE FREE CLICK FORMULA.
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category Ctegory: SEO
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